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February 7, 2017

Does Self-help Ever Really Help?

Can “Self-help” Help You to Become Happier?

Self-help books, webinars, home study courses, and programs are bought every day by people who are looking for answers to their questions:  “Why aren’t I happier?” “How can I make more money?” “Why aren’t I successful?” “Will I be alone forever?” And, while many people  succeed in finding the answers they seek to life’s hardest questions, others continue to search without positive results. As someone who is surrounded by self-help experts, I can assure you that – for the most part – the self-help industry and its leaders are working hard to empower people everywhere.

Why I Believe that Self-help Will ALWAYS Help

I believe that self-help ALWAYS helps; knowledge is power. We just need to know where to turn for answers. Often, these answers come in messages that we need to be open-minded enough to see. There has never been more information available than there is now – on every subject… from business to relationships to overcoming fear and enjoying life. There are an abundance of gifted healers, teachers, and leaders who are creating new programs, writing new books, and hosting podcasts that are designed to help you and people everywhere – no matter what challenges you are dealing with.


I spoke with a spiritual filmmaker a few years ago, and was surprised when he said, “Every self-help book that has ever needed to be written has already been written. There is no need for anyone to EVER write another self-help book!” I was shocked, considering who I was talking to, and I debated this with him. I reminded him of one of the very first self-help books to come out about breast cancer, Betty Rollin’s “First You Cry.” It was published in 1976, at a time when few ever spoke about it – as if it was something to be ashamed of! Being a television journalist, Ms. Rollin had a huge audience and the book was written with such sensitivity that women around the world started checking themselves more closely. An ebook printing of her book is still in the top 100 on Amazon’s kindle list for books on “Breast Cancer.”  (Yet, it’s 500+ in traditional book format; time marches on and some things DO change, including how we read our books.) Today, as there are more than 400 books on breast cancer, was my friend even close to being correct? Has every self-help book that the human race will ever need already been written? I don’t think so. Self-help leaders continue to adapt to our changing times, lifestyles, and technology. Advances in medicine and mental health have inspired materials that are now the most relevant self-help books and programs ever created.

The Self-help Solution

Whether you call the desire for self-help information an awakening of “living a more conscious life,” “new age,” or “spiritual experiences,” there is a movement of enlightenment happening around the world today. People are evolving, raising their vibrational energy, and becoming open to accepting that there is more to life than this human plane in which we currently exist. And they want answers and greater understanding. 

 In inspirational drama and self-help film “The Secrets of the Keys”, experts from around the world share messages about 7 Keys, including Appreciation, Harmony, Passion, Courage, Faith, Vibration, and Empathy. Each of these keys is essential to happiness and a life well-lived. In the film, Life Coach William Liu shares his story of how he had grown depressed. His paralegal business involved working with accident victims…people in pain. These victims would see advertisements on television for multi-million dollar settlements, so they were never happy to discover their own settlement was barely enough to cover their expenses. These situations and outcomes were an aspect of his business over which William had little control. Thankfully, he was an avid reader. He loved self-help books and personal development programs. Once he discovered personal coaching, he was able to transform his life and – ultimately – become a life coach – able to inspire others and keep them motivated and happier through various circumstances. William experienced first-hand the pure power of self-help and personal development. Today, he empowers others to live happier, healthier lives. No matter what life may throw our way, the habit of turning to inspirational, motivational, self-help books and programs will never let you know. You might veer off the path for a short while, but the teachings that you will come to understand will sustain you throughout your life.     

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