Inspirational Film 'Becoming the Keys' Wraps Production Featured / Becoming the Keys Movie

September 6, 2018

Inspirational Film 'Becoming the Keys' Wraps Production

The world is ready for a new inspirational film and “Becoming the Keys” might be exactly what people are looking for now. Award-winning Writer/Producer Robin Jay is raising the bar on Personal Development films. She creates unique hybrid films. Jay’s “Key Movies” offer a narrative story featuring fictional characters, peppered with cameos from today’s most iconic thought leaders.

Impressive Inspirational Film Series Features 7 Keys

The inspirational film “Becoming the Keys”  is the third film in ‘The Key Movies” series. The films boast an impressive cast of Personal Development experts including Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, John Gray, Marci Shimoff, Rev. Michael Beckwith, don Miguel Ruiz, Dannion Brinkley, and Gloria Loring. These experts appear as themselves. The films also feature other inspirational thought leaders from around the world. Jay and her costars Kathryn Brinkley, Rachel Magario, Cheryl Truesdale, and Harrah Brown each portray fictional characters who are mostly inspired by their real-life personas. They are each motivational speakers, authors, and personal development experts in their own right. Jay is also the President & Founder of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau.

Your Chance to Appear in Final Key Movie

Major production for the inspirational film “Becoming the Keys” took place in November, 2016. Jay is still looking for two or three more experts who want to share their stories to round out the film. Additional shooting is scheduled for April, 2017 with a release date for later in the year. In “Becoming the Keys”, Jay reprises her character “Elizabeth”,  whom we got to meet in Jay’s second film, “The Secrets of the Keys.” This time, the new spiritual guide is on a mission to help Sofia, a bitter and cynical woman who is a blind, kidney transplant survivor. Sofia is played by Rachel Magario, who actually lost her eyesight in a car accident when she was just six. Years later, at 19, Rachel lost her kidneys when she and her guide dog were hit by a car in a crosswalk. Jay says, “Even though Sofia shares many of Rachel’s challenges, Rachel is much too well-adjusted to play herself in this film.  I fictionalized the character of Sofia but gave her Rachel’s disabilities.  While many motivational speakers have disabilities and many films feature sighted actors portraying blind characters, we are really breaking a barrier by having Rachel play a character inspired by her own, difficult journey.

Rachel Magario Delivers an Inspirational Performance

“I think audiences are going to respond incredibly well to her amazing performance. Rachel is quite a trooper. After her second car accident, she went on to earn two Masters degrees – one in business and one in interaction design. She is simply remarkable and was amazing on the set. We worked very long hours and she wasn’t always feeling well, but she was tenacious and got the job done. I was terribly proud of her.” The Key Movies (as the series is known) focus on 7 Keys – or principles – that people can embrace to live a better, happier, and more successful life. These are Appreciation, Harmony, Passion, Courage, Faith, Vibration, and Empathy. Jay said the message in her second film “The Secrets of the Keys” is that life is precious; we need to be kinder to each other and appreciate every day. In “Becoming the Keys”, the takeaway is the understanding that everyone is dealing with something… again, hoping that people will choose to embrace kindness and gratitude.  The films are empowering and can help viewers to enjoy greater happiness. “The Secrets of the Keys” is available for streaming or download on Vimeo (click here) or on DVD through Amazon (click here.) For more information about the film or if you are an expert interested in appearing in “Becoming the Keys”, contact Robin at for details.     

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