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January 12, 2017

Clear Your Clutter to Raise Your Energy

Kate EmmersonWhen we think about clearing clutter, we think about our overstuffed closets and long weekend projects. But, did you know that clearing your clutter can actually raise your energy and leave you with long-lasting positive effects? The Secrets of the Keys  is a new inspirational film; it’s a magical story that highlights 7 keys that can improve your life. One of these keys  is the Key of Vibration. And, one of this unique film’s real-life experts is Kate Emmerson, from Johannesburg, South Africa. Kate believes that clutter can keep you from living the life you were meant to live. In other words, it can dull your energy or, as she puts it, your “va-va-voom” – your vibrational energy.

Defining Clutter

“Clutter is anything or anyone that no longer serves you,” according to Emmerson.  This makes clearing your clutter easier to understand. And, getting rid of anything that no longer serves you makes more sense when you consider just how dramatically clearing your clutter will raise your energy. Emmerson is encouraging people around the world to clear the clutter out of their lives as a way to lift their vibration in order to “live large.” In the film, she explains that there are actually three types of clutter:

  • Body clutter,
  • Emotional clutter, and
  • Physical clutter.

Body clutter can be the extra weight we are carrying around, disease, or anything that affects our bodies in a negative or unhealthy way. Emotional clutter – also referred to as “baggage,” refers to the negative emotions and energy we drag around. Physical clutter is anything we can see, touch, and feel.

Meet Kate Emmerson: Decluttering Expert

“The Secrets of the Keys” is an inspiring drama that features top experts who share insights on 7 Keys that help viewers to live a better life.

In  “The Secrets of the Keys”, Emmerson, a decluttering expert, also references the Key of Harmony because if clutter takes over our lives, it can affect not just our vibrational energy, but also the harmony between the three areas – our bodies, our emotions and our physical space. Emmerson explains that if we don’t do all we can to get things in order, clutter can diminish every aspect of our lives. She cautions that people should “Increase those things that will serve you more and decrease those things that no longer serve you.” Sounds simple enough, right? So, then why doesn’t everyone just streamline and declutter their lives? Emmerson explains that people often put an emotional attaching to “things,” which makes dealing with those “things” more difficult. We’re afraid if we throw away grandma’s old coat, it might mean we didn’t love grandma. We need to realize that it was simply grandma’s coat, not grandma, and if grandma doesn’t need it anymore, why leave it hanging in the closet?! Parents often keep their children’s rooms as shrines for years after the kids have gone off to college or gotten married. Turning a kid’s room into a craft room or office doesn’t mean the parents no longer love that child; it just means that their child no longer needs their room. Having the room set up as a kids room no longer serves the parents, so why not remodel it into a room they can actually use? It can be incredibly liberating once people are able to separate the emotions from their physical “stuff.”

Kate Emmerson’s newest book is “Ditch Your Glitch”

While Emmerson doesn’t expect everyone to become a minimalist overnight, she’d like to see people lighten their loads – body, emotional, and physical – and only hang on to those things they absolutely love, use regularly, and that they feel adds value to their life. She sums up her philosophy by encouraging others to ask, “Does this serve me and add value to my life?” And, if not, ditch it! Click here for more information on Kate Emmerson and to sign up for her newsletter and free offers. The tips she shares are sure to bring value to your life. And to book Kate to speak at your event, anywhere in the world, contact Robin Jay at the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau or email

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