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November 27, 2015

New Inspirational Film Premieres in Las Vegas, Nevada

Just a few weeks before it’s official release, The Secrets of the Keysa modern inspirational filmdebuted at a private VIP Red Carpet Premiere in Las Vegas, Nevada at The Veil Pavilion inside the Silverton Casino Resort. Nearly the entire cast from around the world was present, some of whom were meeting their costars for the first time. The Secrets of the Keys is an inspirational drama….and while it features 15 experts appearing as themselves, the experts get to interact with several fictional characters who are dealing with a major life-and-death situation. But, the story is incredibly upbeat and empowering. The characters come across as friends you’d love to have lunch with.

Finally: An Inspirational Film that Engages and Empowers Viewers

The inspirational film is the second such film from Writer/Producer Robin Jay, who also plays one of the fictional characters, saw a need to create more engaging films that would ultimately empower viewers with greater impact than the “talking head” documentaries that became popular on the heels of the blockbuster success of “The Secret”, which was the first film to focus on The Law of Attraction. Jay found it could be challenging to watch some of the documentaries that were being made. “I wanted to like them… after all, I’m in the personal development industry – as a motivational speaker and author and President and Founder of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau. But, I found that most of these self-help films were not making the best use of this amazing medium. That is why I decided to write and produce a narrative story that would give some of the most popular experts of our time an outstanding showcase in which they could share their messages about 7 very important keys and still keep viewers engaged throughout. The viewers develop a vested interest in the characters and root for a positive outcome. The formula works, too!”

The 7 Keys That Can Change Your Life & the Stars Who Will Help You

 Jay’s first film, The Keeper of the Keys, winner of Best Independent Film at the Las Vegas International Film Festival, also focused on those 7 Keys: Appreciation, Harmony, Passion, Faith, Courage, Vibration, and Empathy. Jay says, “These keys are essential to living your best life. The experts in this film really nailed them, too! I still get excited when I talk with the experts about the keys.” The film stars:

  • Brian Tracy, International Business & Success Guru
  • Michael B. Beckwith, Spiritual Leader & Founder: AGAPE International Spiritual Center
  • John Assaraf, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Teacher
  • Dannion Brinkley, Author of “Saved by the Light” & Founder of “The Twilight Brigade”
  • don Miguel Ruiz, Author of “The Four Agreements”, and
  • Gloria Loring, Singer, Songwriter, & Actress

And, as the characters, viewers will meet Kathryn Brinkley as “Gwen,” Harrah Brown as “Goldie,” and Robin Jay as “Elizabeth.” And, it features these exceptional experts from around the world:

  • Dr. Alfredo Besosa, Founder and Director of the Mind/Body/Spirit International Institute in Bogota, Columbia. Dr. Besosa completed his clinical training in Mind Body Medicine at Harvard University.
  • Carol Scibelli, Speaker, Writer, and Author of “Poor Widow Me”
  • Dr. Terry Gordon, Cleveland Clinic trained Cardiologist (retired), American Heart Association National Physician of the Year, Author of “No Storm Lasts Forever”
  • Kate Emmerson, Quick Shift DEVA, Best-selling Author of “Clear Your Clutter” and “Ditch Your Glitch”
  • William Liu, Life Coach, Transformational Leader
  • Leslie Stein, One of the first women to attend West Point, Author of “Penny Perspectives”
  • Farida Akadiri, Self-Leadership Expert and Success Coach
  • Carly Alyssa Thorne, Multi-sensory, Multi-media Transformational Muse, Author, Filmmaker, and 
  • Jodi Aman, a practicing psychotherapist for more than 20 years, Founder of Give Fear the Boot! – an online anxiety recovery program, Creator of The Map to Whole Peace 

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