The Key Movies are such unique films, they are hard to categorize. The award-winning inspirational, personal growth film trilogy is unlike any other genre.

Writer/Producer Robin Jay wanted to raise the bar on the typical “talking head” documentaries that had become popular after the blockbuster success of the film, “The Secret.” She shares, “While some of these inspirational personal growth documentaries offer tremendous lessons and insights, they aren’t necessarily entertaining to sit through. They are more like attending a lecture than a film.

“It was my goal to write and produce films that could offer life-changing and empowering lessons, but I wanted to make them more entertaining, more fun. That is how I came up with the idea to create a hybrid film … one that features a fictional (narrative) story and a few fictional characters who are dealing with challenges.

"Thanks to the magical storylines, experts and thought leaders from around the world are able to appear to help the characters as they move forward on their journeys. Presenting their experiences and stories in this way makes the viewing experience so much more engaging. Plus, as the viewers witness the characters along their journey, the viewers become empowered, too. And, it’s more engaging because viewers gain a vested interested in a positive outcome for the characters.”

The result of Jay’s decision to raise the bar on inspirational self-help documentaries is three award-winning films, collectively known as “The Key Movies.” These include “The Keeper of the Keys” (2011), “The Secrets of the Keys” (2015), and “Becoming the Keys” (2019.) The trilogy stars some of today’s top thought leaders in the field of self-help, including Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, don Miguel Ruiz, John Assaraf, Rev. Michael Beckwith, John Gray, and more, as well as other top experts from around the world.

The films highlight lessons dealing with seven keys: appreciation, harmony, passion, courage, faith, vibration, and empathy. Faced with challenges, the characters get to meet a diverse group of experts who share their own experiences that helped them to discover the power of the seven keys. The stories include everything from a near-fatal car accident to being jilted before a wedding to surviving cancer. Not all of the stories feature life-and-death drama, though. Some of the experts have shared their stories about how they perceive their lives, how their experiences have shaped them over the years, and how the keys can help them to live a large, more fulfilling life. In spite of what are often very dramatic situations, the experts have all managed to come away from their experiences wiser and softened by their experiences. The experts came together over the course of nine years and from around the world to reach a global audience with their collective wisdom.

All three of the films are currently available on GAIA is a sort of “spiritual Netflix.” You can find the Key Movies on GAIA at these links: 

For those who prefer to watch the movies “On Demand” on, they are available for streamlining or download at the following links:


For more information or distribution inquiries, please contact Robin at 

Featured / Becoming the Keys Movie

February 11, 2019

World Premiere of 'Becoming the Keys' Smash Success!

"Becoming the Keys" - the newest film in "The Key Movies" series of inspirational films - debuted January 17th to a showroom filled with fans of the Key Movies and the powerful messages they offer. The series is the brainchild of Writer/Producer/CoStar Robin Jay. Her first award-winning film was "The Keeper of the Keys", which was released in January, 2012. Three years later, she debuted "The Secrets of the Keys", which features a story that was [...]

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