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Barbara Steingas Inspirational Author & Speaker

Barbara Steingas

Inspirational Author & Speaker

Barbara Steingas is a “Radiant Life Coach” who specializes in helping people optimize their Physical Health, Mental/Emotional Happiness, & Spiritual Joy. In her thirties, she healed herself from Crohn’s Disease, an autoimmune illness deemed incurable by traditional medicine. Ever since, she has been helping others to achieve more radiant health. Today, as a life coach, her passion lies in helping people to live a more radiant life in every way … from overcoming health issues to dealing with loss. She is also an Amazon best selling and award-winning Author.  Her books include “The Healing Puzzle”, “Germans Are Funny, Too!”, and “Solving The Crohn’s & Colitis Puzzle.”  Her newest book “Solving The Grief & Loss Puzzle” is due out in February by Balboa Press. In addition, she is an inspirational and motivational speaker.

Barbara Steingas is a native of New Jersey.  She just commemorated her 30th year of working at Overlook Medical Center as a Physical Therapist.
While attending Columbia Teacher’s College in NYC, Barbara was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness of the intestinal tract called Crohn’s Disease. The traditional medical field deems Crohn’s incurable. Barbara followed traditional protocol for several years. When her doctors finally prescribed an immunosuppressant medication, she made the decision to take an alternative path. She started to look at her health as if it were a puzzle that needed solving, and that she simply needed to find the right pieces.

Barbara set out on a long and winding road until she finally completed her health puzzle. She is happy to be off all medication for more than 15 years, enjoying radiant health today. In addition to having to overcome an “incurable” illness, Barbara has also had to deal with a great deal of personal loss, including her late husband who crossed over in 2008 from a sudden heart attack. It was his unconditional love that helped to glue together the pieces of her health puzzle. She was fortunate enough to find love again several years later with another wonderful man. After three years together and on the verge of becoming engaged, the second love of her life passed away suddenly from diabetic ketoacidosis (fatally high blood sugar level).

Wanting to help others find their own radiant life and put the pieces of their own puzzles together quickly and more easily, Barbara has written several self-help and inspirational books. These include “The Healing Puzzle,” which won Honorable mention in the self-help/inspirational category of a global contest, “Solving The Crohn’s & Colitis Puzzle,” which is an Amazon best-seller, and “Germans Are Funny, Too.” Her newest book, “Solving The Grief & Loss Puzzle”, is due out in February 2018 by Balboa Press.

Barbara is a popular motivational and inspirational speaker and Radiant Life Coach. She chose the word “radiant” because it represents health, happiness & joy. It encompasses her passion for helping others who are dealing with loss, health issues, and other challenges to optimize their physical health, mental & emotional happiness, and spiritual joy.

Barbara not only uses all that she’s learned through her own life challenges and experiences in her coaching practice, she also complements her coaching with healing modalities. She is a Reiki II certified healer and is trained in a Crystal Chakra Energy Balancing technique. Barbara incorporates her knowledge and skills from her many years of Physical Therapy experience, as well, specializing in eliminating pain from soft tissue issues.

Barbara graduated Summa Cum Laude with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy from University of Maryland Eastern Shore Campus before attending Columbia for her Master of Arts degree in Motor Learning.

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