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Elizabeth Mathisen Spiritual Intuitive

Elizabeth Mathisen

Spiritual Intuitive

Elizabeth Mathisen has been a spiritual intuitive and a student of all things esoteric. She started out on a different page, as a graduate from UNLV's School of Hospitality. After graduating, she rose through the corporate ranks in the Las Vegas gaming industry, prior to becoming the youngest female General Manager of a Nevada Casino. 

In 2008, Elizabeth decided to return to her roots. She co-founded Quantum Multimedia Productions where she created spiritual workshops, conferences, and cruises. She also hosted her own radio show, The Heart of What Matters. Elizabeth believes we must find the sparkle in each day to truly live the life of our dreams. She is currently a guiding light for others through her Life Style Awareness Coaching. She is currently engaged in launching her new global women's empowerment platform, Women Born to Rule.

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