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Janis K. Johnson Bestselling Author & Retired M.D.

Janis K. Johnson

Bestselling Author & Retired M.D.

Janis K. Johnson is a best-selling author, and retired medical doctor. Her writing includes screenplays, fiction, and self-help. Her experience has qualified her as a student of life and gifted healer.

At 17, Janis had a life-altering accident when she crashed her hang glider.  Then, as now, she took full responsibility for everything, including her accident. Not expected to survive that first night, Janis surprised everyone – including her doctors. Her experience in the hospital, which included hearing all the negative comments and predictions from people in positions of authority only served to make her stronger and more determined. Her faith and believe in herself came through as she went on to study medicine, her childhood desire. 

Her sense of responsibility is what first attracted Don Clay to her; he would become her husband.  Don is the CEO of Pure Light Publishing, as well as a speaker, author, corporate trainer, and Bio-Medical Photographer. Together, they practice and study spirituality.

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