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Juliette Miles Author, Speaker & Life Coach

Juliette Miles

Author, Speaker & Life Coach

Juliette Miles is a 4-year breast cancer survivor. In 2016, she received a terminal Stage 4 recurring tumor and metathesis to bone re-diagnose. She was given two years to live and was told that, subject to only medical protocols, her body would never recover. She had issues with her liver, as well, which needed time to heal. Her only option was to seek alternative treatment through holistic protocols.
Juliette has had a 23-year career in Orange County, California as a Senior Escrow Officer, Notary Public, and Director of Operations and Marketing. With a strong desire to nurture others, she wrote and presented "Escrow 101 with Juliette Miles" for new agents to inspire and help them navigate and master their own careers in Real Estate. 

She has since followed her passion in life, business, and beauty coaching. Today, she offers wellness holistic protocol coaching which is driven by her passion to inspire others through speaking and writing. She was a chosen speaker to share her inspirational message to "Shine On" on the world stage at the Messenger Summit in 2012. 

She fulfilled a dream to share her writings and understanding when she became a coauthor in the #1 best selling e-book, "1000 Tips for Teenagers", which went on to become an award-winner. She followed that up with her hard copy inspirational book, "Becoming Beautifully Scarred to Shine On". 

Today, Juliette fulfills her dreams as a writer, speaker, and life coach, as well as an inspiration to others as a Stage 4 MBC survivor. She offers wellness and holistic coaching for preventative and newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families. She is an honored member of "The Wellness Universe." She knows that having a wellness coach at one’s most vulnerable and raw moments in life can make the ultimate difference. Her hope for others is that they discover how to go "fierce" on preventative, medical, holistic, biological and spiritual aspects of life for complete wellness. Her core message is that everyone deserves health professionals who care about all pathways to wellness, and her tagline, "Shine On Strong", resonates deeply with those who know and work with her.

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